Why choose a Hosted Phone System?

Benefits of a cloud business phone system

Hosted phone systems save you money, time and frustration!

Reduction in Cost

An immediate cost saving is realized with VoIP & hosted phone systems. The flexibility of a hosted PBX enhances business communications, which furthers return on investment and is essential for small and medium businesses (SMB)!
Additionally, the reduction in onsite hardware further reduces complexity and increases cost savings!

Ease and speed of Deployment

Cloud or Hosted Phone Systems can typically be deployed in a matter of days – not weeks – by experienced professionals saving you time, frustration and money!

Mobility without sacrificing Quality

Remote and Mobile users, all devices, all platforms, all the time!
Mobile apps with cloud connectivity conserve battery power while increasing productivity and reliability for mobile devices and users.

Reduced Dependency on local IT

As a managed service, you no longer need to worry about your phones, phone system or your phone service! You also have a single point of contact for all phone related issues. Business telephones cannot be easier!

Dedicated local professionals with VoIP Experience

Depend on our experienced local VoIP professionals with the expertise to deliver! Our IT Telephony consultants are located in Texas, serving the entire United States and various international locations.
We specialize in Hosted and Premise based small and medium business phone systems in Texas and all over the USA!

PBX Features include:

  • Affordability and Super Simple Setup!
  • Unlimited Auto Attendants or IVRs
  • Call Reporting and Analytics
  • Cloud storage for call recordings
  • HD Conferencing
  • Mobile apps for all platforms
  • Reduced Local IT demand
  • Voicemail to email
  • CRM and Business App integrations
  • Minimal to no capital outlay to get started
  • Scalable – add and remove resources as needed, when needed
  • Any SIP device, anywhere
  • Quick Turn Around
  • Phone servers available worldwide
  • High Quality Tier 1 VoIP Service
  • Fortune 500 phone system features without the cost!
  • Comprehensive detailed schedule-able reporting
  • Improved reliable remote mobility
  • Extended business presence
  • Month to Month or Contract
  • Professionally managed by experienced VoIP Consultants
  • Speak with Live US support agents anytime of the day!

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    Cloud PBX Features

    A Cloud PBX?

    Cloud PBXs have become popular due to their reliability and affordability. Costs per seat continue to decrease while the list of features continues to grow, allowing business to leverage VoIP technology like never before!

    Designed for businesses

    With Improved Mobility and unmatched ease of use, a hosted PBX may be exactly what your business needs. The benefits of moving to a cloud PBX are immediate - with a noticeable reduction in cost and an increase in reliability!

    Curious about migrating from a Legacy System?

    Typical turn-around is a matter of days!

    Already have SIP devices?

    Use them on your new cloud system! Need Phones? Lets us help you source quality devices from top brands!

    About VoIP Citadel

    We are Professional IT Telephony and Asterisk consultants specializing in repairing, managing and implementing Contact Center, Premise & Cloud business phone systems. A tried and true, result oriented approach where the performance and reliability of your phone system is paramount has proven successful for our customers and us.

    Our mission is to resolve your VoIP issues and improve your communications efficiencies!

    Experienced Asterisk & PBX Consultants

    VoIP Citadel's staff has real-world experience with Asterisk and associated phone system platforms such as FreePBX, PBXAct, PBX in a Flash, Trixbox, Thirdlane and more. We are available 24 hours a day due to the importance of business phone continuity. We understand the value a communication platform provides to your business and work to ensure you are able to leverage your PBX accordingly!