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We have seen and routinely repair the results of VoIP gone wrong! Consisting of seasoned, veteran asterisk consultants, VoIP Citadel has a proven track record established through results. Whether you have an Enterprise Sized Call Center in Houston or a 5 seat office in Dallas, contact us today to see if we can help solve your VoIP problems!

VoIP Citadel specializes in support, sales, implementation, upgrades, repair and maintenance of cloud & premise based PBXs. Including FreePBX, PBXAct, PBX in a Flash, Thirdlane, and most other Asterisk based IP PBXs.

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Poly VVX-D230 Wireless DECT SIP Phone

Poly VVX-D230
Fully Featured
DECT Wireless
SIP Business Phone
Poly VVX-D230 Wireless DECT SIP Phone

The Poly (formerly Polycom) VVX-D230 phones are wireless DECT SIP based handsets offering a full desk-phone feature set from a standalone mobile handset.

With an indoor range of up to 165 ft. and and outdoor range of up to 980 ft., the Poly VVX-D230 series supports up to 8 lines per handset and up to 10 handsets per base station.

Featuring a 2″ TFT Color Backlit display and a Full-duplex Speakerphone with Acoustic Echo Cancellation and Background Noise Suppression, the VVX-D230 handsets offer the exceptional sound quality and reliability you’ve come to expect from Poly (formerly Polycom and Plantronics).

The VVX-D230 feature support for necessary business desk-phone features such as call waiting, do not disturb, hold, forward and call transfer.

Additional Wireless Handsets offer affordable expandability:

Up to 10 Poly VVX-D230 handsets can be added to a single base station, each as a separate extension with their own charging base.

Poly VVX-D230 Wireless DECT SIP Phone Each Additional handset has it’s own charging cradle and operates independent of the other handsets associated with the base station.
Unprecedented wireless range and a High Quality speakerphone with the sound quality you’ve come to expect from Poly. Poly VVX-D230 Wireless DECT SIP Phone

For more information on the Poly VVX-D230, or if you would like to see how one could benefit your organization Contact us today!

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VoIP Citadel's staff has real-world experience with Asterisk & associated platforms such as FreePBX, PBXAct, PBX in a Flash, Trixbox and Thirdlane. We are available regardless of time of day due to the importance of your phones maintaining functionality. We understand the value a communication platform provides and will work to ensure your organization is able to leverage your PBX accordingly!

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Hosted Cloud PBX

Interested in a professionally managed cloud PBX? Interested in managing your own cloud PBX with real support available if you hit a snag? Contact us today to see how much we can save you by moving to the cloud!

The Open Source Asterisk Project

Asterisk is robust & mature enough to support a myriad of installations - from 5 seat cloud based phone systems to 500+ seat premise based contact center solutions implementing redundancy. The most liberating aspect of Asterisk is the features set and the associated licensing. While more features are added with every release, licenses for typical resources such as voicemails, extensions, and even auto-dialers no longer exist. Open Source telephony has truly revolutionized the PBX market while continuing to embrace legacy PBX features.