Can you fix our Asterisk, FreePBX, PBX in a flash, Trixbox, or Thirdlane PBX?
We absolutely can and would love the opportunity to do so! Whether the PBX was left unfinished by a contractor or previous employee, or a current employee bit off more than they could chew, we can help get the PBX to where you expect it to be; working and functional, effective and producing results as you had envisioned when you originally decided to implement an Open Source IP PBX.

Can we BYOP (bring your own phones) on our new installation?
We can help you source phones, advise on current stock and known caveats associated with a those phones, or provide phones to you as a part of a complete package. With Open Source solutions & VoIP Citadel we will help you avoid Vendor Lock as much as possible while maintaining scalability and maximizing ROI.

Can we use our Analog phones on a new IP PBX?
Absolutely! Additional hardware will be required to achieve this, but it can be done, and the phones (when properly integrated) will function to the point you likely will not know they are analog phones on a IP PBX system. Contact us for known caveats.

Why should I Use Asterisk instead of A NEC/Toshiba/Panasonic Key system?
The #1 reason is because you will avoid vendor lock. We are one of a myriad of Asterisk Consulting firms in the USA. If you don’t like us, fire us; you will still be able to find someone who can administer and support the system properly. You are not locked into any particular vendor with Asterisk, this includes the VoIP phones, the TDM hardware, the network, support, etc. You also have no licenses to contend with.

Can you help us prepare our network for a VoIP implementation?
The network on which your VoIP system is going to reside needs to be prepared for the voice traffic that will be traversing it. This is one of the most commonly over looked and costly occurrences that happen when implementing a VoIP solution. There are quite a few known caveats when voice is present on your data network; let us help you meet your implementation deadline without the let down and anxiety of a failed installation.

What are your hours of operation?
VoIP Citadel operates within normal local business hours with the ability to provide emergency after-hours support and consulting. We understand your phones need to work during your hours of operation, and that disasters never happen at a convenient time.

Where are you located?
We are hosted and reside in Tacoma, Washington servicing all of the USA and multiple international locations.

How long have you been involved with Asterisk and/or Open Source VoIP
VoIP Citadel has over 15 years of real world experience centered around IP communications and network management. We maintain a specific focus on VoIP, particularly Asterisk, Linux, FreePBX, Trixbox, PBX in a Flash, Digium, Sangoma, Cisco, Polycom, Xorcom, Linksys, Elastix, SQL, SugarCRM, and various other components/vendors related to VoIP, Information Technology and Open Source software.


Open Source PBX

Elastix, Trixbox, and PBX in a Flash
(PBXiaF) are open source unified communication platforms based on
FreePBX. Both FreePBX & its derivatives are based on current tried & true working versions of Asterisk.

Asterisk is stable enough to support everything from 5 seat premise based phone systems to 500+ seat contact center PBX's with full redundancy. The most enticing aspect of Asterisk is the sheer amount of features available and their open source licensing. While more features are added with every release, licenses for items such as voicemail, extensions, and even auto-dialers no longer exist. Open Source telephony has truly revolutionized the PBX market. Asterisk continues to embrace legacy PBX features such as DISA, custom IVR's & ACD, while enhancing the value of our communications platform with features such as interactive flash based CDR's, click-to-dial applications, real time monitoring, and operators managing calls from their computers with the click of a mouse.

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