VoIP Citadel F.A.Q.

Can you fix our FreePBX, PBXAct, PBX in a flash, Trixbox, Thirdlane or Asterisk PBX?
We absolutely can and appreciate the opportunity to help! Whether the PBX installation was not completed or a current situation has devolved into a nightmare scenario, we can help get your phone system operating at optimum performance and producing the results envisioned when originally deciding to implement an Asterisk PBX.

Can you migrate our PBX to the Cloud?
Yes! We can and we routinely do, saving our clients money and increasing their flexibility, especially with remote workers.  This has been extremely important light of recent world wide events and the resulting need to implement reliable communications for remote workers and telecommuters.

Can we use our SIP trunks with your Cloud PBX?
Yes, we can add your SIP trunks to a managed or unmanaged cloud PBX.

Can we BYOP (bring your own phones) on a new installation?
We can help you source phones, provide advice on  hardware you may already own and any known caveats with a those devices, or provide phones to you as a part of a complete cloud PBX package. With Open Source solutions & VoIP Citadel we will help you avoid ‘Vendor Lock’ while maintaining scalability and maximizing ROI.

Can we use our Analog phones on a new IP PBX?
Absolutely! Additional hardware will be required to achieve this, but it can be done. When the phones are properly integrated they will function to the point you likely will not know they are analog phones on a IP PBX system. Contact us to discuss known caveats!

Why should I Use Asterisk instead of A NEC/Toshiba/Panasonic Key system?
The #1 reason is because you will avoid ‘vendor lock’. There are ample resources for Asterisk assistance in the USA. If you don’t like us, fire us; you will still be able to find someone who can administer your system properly. You are not locked into any particular vendor with Asterisk, this includes the VoIP phones, TDM hardware, the network, support, etc. You also have no licenses or renewals to contend with, further increasing ROI.

Can you help us prepare our network for a VoIP implementation?
The network on which your VoIP system is going to reside needs to be prepared for the voice traffic that will be traversing it. This is one of the most commonly over looked and costly occurrences that happen when implementing a VoIP solution. There are quite a few known caveats when voice is present on your data network; let us help you meet your implementation deadline without the anxiety and lost productivity of a failed installation.

We have a unique situation presenting special challenges, can you help?
We would love to hear about it!  Give us a ring!

What are your hours of operation?
VoIP Citadel operates within normal local business hours with the ability to provide emergency after-hours support and consulting. We understand your phones need to work during your hours of operation, and that disasters never happen at a convenient time.

Where are you located?
We are hosted and reside in Texas, servicing all of the USA and multiple international locations.

How long have you been working with Asterisk and Open Source VoIP?
VoIP Citadel has over 20 years of real world experience with IP communications and network management. We maintain a specific focus on VoIP, particularly Asterisk, Linux, FreePBX, PBXAct, Trixbox, PBX in a Flash, Digium, Sangoma, Cisco, Polycom, Xorcom, Linksys, Elastix, SQL, SugarCRM, and various other components/vendors related to VoIP, Information Technology and Open Source.


Open Source PBX

FreePBX, PBXAct, PBX in a Flash and
Trixbox, are open source unified communication platforms based on
Asterisk. Both FreePBX & its derivatives are based on current stable & tested relases of Asterisk.

Cloud PBX

What is a cloud PBX? A cloud PBX is a SaaS PBX system. These systems are typically hosted in a datacenter, otherwise known as the 'cloud'. As a result they feature high redundancy, reliability & efficiency. VoIP Citadel offers both managed and unmanaged Cloud PBXs! Contact us today to see what solutions we can provide for your unique situation!

Premise based PBX

A Premise based PBX is a PBX located locally, typically in a telecom closet or server rack. Many businesses find a premise based PBX is still a valueable & necessary asset. All of the same features found on a cloud PBX, such as remote users & remote phones, are possible with a premise based system!

Asterisk Project

Asterisk is robust & mature enough to support a myriad of installations - from 5 seat cloud based phone systems to 500+ seat premise based contact center solutions implementing redundancy. The most liberating aspect of Asterisk is the features set and the associated licensing. While more features are added with every release, licenses for typical resources such as voicemails, extensions, and even auto-dialers no longer exist. Open Source telephony has truly revolutionized the PBX market while continuing to embrace legacy PBX features!

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