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Serving the entire USA, VoIP Citadel is a Pacific Northwest Based VoIP integration firm, specializing in Asterisk, FreePBX, PBX in a Flash, Polycom, Trixbox, Sangoma, Grandstream, Yealink, Xorcom, Polycom, Cisco and blended Contact Center applications.

Comprised of real world experience, manageas the ability to implement VoIP systems, fix a job not implemented properly, upgrade existing infrastructure, or expand on existing features and allow you to leverage VoIP while potentially reducing your telecommunication costs and maximizing productivity.

Experience has shown how to properly install, maintain and repair VoIP implementations on various levels, in a multitude of environments. The real world experience required for a VoIP or real-time-media system is not the same as the typical Information Technology requirements; it is drastically more involved and fickle. Proper expertise, which can only be had by experience, is a must.

Even with the advent of internet in the last 20 years, phones are still a vital part of day to day business operations. With experience installing and maintaining everything from 5 line branch office PBXs to Contact Centers with 300+ agents, VoIP Citadel has the experience needed to deliver, on-time, within budget, and exceeding your expectations.

If you would like to see how we can help you leverage the efficiencies of a modern IP PBX, please contact us. <palign=center> </palign=center>

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About Us

About US

We are Professional Asterisk Consultants specializing in repairing, managing and implementing Contact Center, Clustered and SMB Phone Systems. A tried and true, result oriented approach where the performance of your communications platform is paramount routinely proves sucessful. We appreciate any and all inquiries.

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